Itemized rating scales in questionnaire

Itemized rating scales are used to help the researcher obtain a measure of attitudes .The researcher first develops a number of dimensions -attitude statements ,product or service attributes ,image dimensions ,etc.Respondents are then asked to positi ..Read More

Testing the hypothesis - Acceptance or Rejection of Hypothesis for PhD Research

Given a hypothesis H0 and an alternative hypothesis H1,we make a rule which is known as a decision rule according to which we accept H0 or reject H0. For example, suppose we want to examine that the mean age of the people in a city is 40 years .In or ..Read More

PhD Statistics Help - Comparing Two or more kinds of treatment with the control group (no treatment)

Using more than two groups in an experiment also allows researchers to determine whether each treatment is more or less effective than no treatment (the control group).To illustrate this, imagine that we are interested in the effects of aerobic exerc ..Read More

PhD Statistics Help - Interrupted Time Series

This design is similar to the pretest-posttest except that there are more than two measurements. Ideally, there are an equal number of measurement periods before and after treatment, and the period between measurements is constant. These designs can ..Read More